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The institution has a legacy of 170 plus years of significant contribution towards the prevention and cure of human diseases. It was established in the 1850s by Pandit D. Ramakrishnamacharyulu hailing from Machalipatnam in Andhra Pradesh, India. His successor and his elder son Vaidyaratnam Pandit D. Gopalacharyulu gained international recognition for his extraordinary work in the field of Ayurveda and medical care. He further went on to establish a manufacturing unit “Ayurvedasramam Pvt Ltd” in 1898 to make Ayurvedic medicines available to people at large. Ayurveda Marthanda Dr D. Desikacharyulu and Dr D.Gopalacharyulu nurtured, developed and expanded the Institution to great heights. In recent decades, Late Dr D. Desikacharulu & Dr D. Jayashree Desikacharulu have branched out and created many core centres based on the needs of the 21st century. Currently, Dr Jayashree Desikacharulu leads the Institution along with the 11th Generation of the family, her sons, Dr D. Srikrishna & D. Sriranga.

Now, through its online clinic, the institution’s reach has transcended geographical borders. Shree Ayurveda Multispecialty Hospital adheres to the principles of traditional knowledge alongside providing modern comfort. With a dozen expert doctors in the hospital, it provides relentless healthcare services such as: Individualized Consultations, Personalized therapies, Pharmacy, Panchakarma, Preventive & Curative Therapies, Ayurvedic Surgeries, Ksharasutra, Health & Beauty related services, Medical Astrology, NLP, Counseling & Pranic healing.

Shree Hospital Group

Shree Ayurvedic Multispeciality Hospital

An one-stop solution for Individualized Consultation, Medicines, Customized Treatment, Ayurvedic Surgery, Herbal Beauty Services, Medical Astrology, Pranic Healing, NLP, etc.


Established in 1898 – Manufactures Ayurvedic Medicines
(Both Patent & Classical)

1. To achieve global recognition and leadership in establishing Ayurveda as a mainstream healthcare system.

2. To promote a natural lifestyle and offer 360 degree Ayurveda - consultation, treatment, medicines, inpatient, lifestyle, diet, supportive therapies, cultivation of herb, research & ecommerce.

3. To build awareness of a natural lifestyle and ayurveda as a significant/potential/preferable healthcare system among the masses.

4. To offer healthcare and other supportive services to the needy and financially challenged segment through a Charitable Trust.

Adding life to years, through promoting health and curing ailments using time tested holistic ancient wisdom and traditional methods blended with modern adaptations, to nurture a sound mind, healthy body and blissful soul, leading to a happy and healthy life.




A Glimpse of the Past

The Shree Hospitals Group (SHG) is a unique organization that has spanned more than 170 years, dating back to six generations of competent, experienced, and dedicated doctors.

The most striking feature of Shree Ayurvedic Multispeciality Hospital and its practice of Ayurveda is the word “family”. Eleven generations of the family have perfected and passed on their invaluable knowledge to present Ayurveda as a credible answer to almost all human illnesses. It all began in the 1850s, when Ramakrishnamacharyulu, both a doctor (vaidya) and a temple priest, travelled around the villages surrounding Machilipatnam in Diwi Taluk, providing people with Ayurvedic treatment for various medical conditions. As time passed by, the much loved and revered doctor was offered a piece of land to continue his practice. This was the start of what has later become The Shree Ayurvedic Multispeciality Hospital (SAMH). As he advanced in age, Ramakrishnamacharyulu passed the legacy to his son, Vaidyaratnam Pandit Diwi Gopalacharyulu. The latter finished his studies in Ayurveda from Mysore, and in an eager quest to gain further knowledge, made the long trek to the Himalayas for guidance. On his return, owing to the need and necessities of the time, he established the organisation’s first pharmacy in 1898. Vaidyaratnam Pandit D Gopalacharyulu was also instrumental in authoring innumerable Ayurvedic books in Telugu, even today the young graduates in the Telugu-speaking states use the book, Madhava Nidhana written by Pandit as a guide to diagnosis. He is credited with keeping the tradition of Ayurveda alive in India, even during the difficult times of the British administration actively attempting to suppress our invaluable tradition of healthcare. He conducted multiple exhibitions pan India, being a pioneer in organising street corner meetings – many of which were attended by several renowned freedom fighters of the period.

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Interestingly, in the 1930s, during a major outbreak of the plague, Vaidyaratnam Pandit Diwi Gopalacharyulu saved hundreds of thousands of lives by introducing two key medicines — Sasi Vilas & Hemadri Panakam. For this great service and expertise in the field of Ayurvedic medicine, he was bestowed the title of Vaidyaratnam by British Viceroy, Lord Hardinge of Penshurst. Desikacharulu was the next important person in line to expand the market for the institution, ensuring that the wonders of Ayurveda were extolled abroad. Dr Gopalacharyulu was the longest-standing head of the organisation, serving for a total of 42 years, before Dr D Desikacharyulu and Dr D Jayashree began heading operations at SAMH in 1988.

Among the many honours bestowed on the organisation are 18 plus gold medals from various statutory bodies over the years. The two most prestigious of these were presented to Pandit D Gopalacharyulu: the first, by the Mysore Maharaja in 1915, and the second, for presiding over the inaugural National Ayurveda Congress in 1922.

Ever since, the organisation has moved leaps and bounds in keeping with the times and standardizing a dynamic system of production, packaging, and marketing, alongside maintaining remarkably superior quality of products and services. Its core- competency, besides high quality, has been its ethical stance. There have been times when the organisation has chosen to forgo large-scale expansion to ensure its quality standards. For over four decades, even before the concept of hospitalisation in Ayurvedic tradition set into the country, the institution has been maintaining international standards of sealed, packed, labelled, and licensed medicines. Individualised consultation, customised treatments, and transparent prescriptions are a hallmark of the Institution, making SAMH an accessible and reliable Ayurvedic hospital that is the right blend of ancient knowledge with modern comfort.

In the new-age India of today, and with the rise of awareness about the Ayurvedic tradition world over, it has been a fulfilling experience to treat and cure an increasing number of people suffering from regular, chronic, and even rare ailments. Dispelling the common myths about Ayurveda that do the rounds, Dr Jayashree, the MD of SAMH recently honoured by the World Wide Media Corporation (WWMC), USA – as the Legendary Medical Practitioners Award 2015 in the category of Ayurveda, says in an interview:

“There is this belief amongst people that Ayurveda is slow, that there are no emergency treatment options under its system, and that certain unknown medication is prescribed (a preconceived notion that Ayurvedic medicines contain metals and steroids that are harmful to the body, Let me assure you that all these myths are put to rest at SAMH. It is a matter of pride for us to share with you that we have patients who walk through our doors with allopathic medical reports, expecting solutions from Ayurveda – without thinking twice.”

The organisation now successfully continues to deliver its prime services and manufacture medicines as per the standards set by the founder, Vaidyaratnam Pandit Diwi Gopalacharyulu. It has added a new range of medicines, food and cosmetic products besides stocking medicines from the other leading brands as well, to ensure that its patients and customers get nothing less than the best. In the process of achieving its goal of making Ayurveda available to one and all, SAMH has organised innumerable wellness programmes, medical camps, and health workshops, regularly disseminating health tips through its Facebook Page and Youtube Channel. Ayur Wheels is a thought-provoking initiative that offers expert treatment in the comfort of a patient’s home.

SAMH’s list of treatments includes Panchakarma, Detoxification, Rejuvenation, and tackling specific ailments like Bone and Joint issues, Nervous Disorders, Obesity, Heart Ailments, Special Children, and Cancer — to name a few. Under specialisation and preventive care, the hospital offers Ayurvedic Surgeries, Infertility Treatment, Maternity Care, Immunisation Programmes, and Herbal Beauty Care.

Our History

Shri D. Ramakrishnamacharyulu

Vaidyaratnam Pandit D. Gopalacharyulu

Ayurveda Marthanda Dr. D. Desikacharulu

Dr. D. Gopalacharyulu

Dr. D. Desikacharyulu & Dr D. Jayashree

Dr. D. Srikrishna & Mr. D. Sriranga

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Brinda SundarBrinda Sundar
07:44 20 Jun 24
I took treatment for acidity problem with Doctor Sampoorna .She listened to my problems with patience and suggested suitable medicines upto certain period and asked to stop some of them.By that time,I improved 90% and took other medicines for one more monthNow I am alright but due to aging I was asked to avoid oil,pickles etc.Dr gives treatment based on our health .For long time, I was suffering and Dr Sampoorna's treatment has given relief.Immense thanks to her
aparajita srinivasanaparajita srinivasan
06:41 20 Jun 24
The facility and hospitality provided is excellent. Special thanks to Dr. Sruthi accommodating all my request while helping me in managing my diagnosis and curing my diagnosis.
Ambika RajeshAmbika Rajesh
02:30 20 Jun 24
A very good set of ayurvedic treatment that gave marvelous result for pcod.... Happy sharing my wonderful experience in Sree hospital with Sruthi mam.... very kind and friendly move of ayurvedic treatment that all should experience in future....
Karthika PanchadharaKarthika Panchadhara
14:17 19 Jun 24
We have been consulting Dr. Sruthy and she has been one of the friendly and nicest doctors we have known. Our health including our kids have improved. All thanks to the doctor.
sudha srinivaassudha srinivaas
13:04 18 Jun 24
Dr Vamsilatha has been treating meShe is very kind and her treatment is giving me improvement in my healthStarted treatment for diabetesHope to get improvementTeam of staff at Shree ayurveda is very patient friendly
Priya RavichandranPriya Ravichandran
03:22 16 Jun 24
Shree Ayurvedic Hopital has a team of very capable doctors. Our experience with them for over all health needs of our daughter has been very positive. We took our child for boosting her immunity, and improving appetite. We have definitely seen marked improvements in these areas. She has better stamina these days.
Anu RadhaAnu Radha
18:19 15 Jun 24
I started consulting Dr.Jayashree in 2022. She is a very cool and friendly Doctor who assesses patients well. The medicines she gives work well in all aspects. I then took my mother for treatment for knee pain. She also had very good improvement. Thank you Dr. 🙏🙂
Sujatha BharathSujatha Bharath
08:16 15 Jun 24
I met Dr.Sampoorna who helped me with the treatment for my vericose veins. I underwent 14 days treatment in Shree Ayurvedic hospital. The 5 girls who helped me with the treatment were really kind and helpful. Even the staffs were really kind. I can see a good improvement in the condition after getting the treatment. Hope it gets even more better in the future.
Me and my husband have been consulting Dr. Krishna from Shree Hospitals for quite some years now and we are very thankful and satisfied about their services.. Doctor is very soft patient enough to hear our issues and gives tailor made solutions... Today had an Abhyangam which was very relaxing and was a great stress relief.Dr. Sruti was kind enough in explaining various massages and treatments available to suit our requirements.. Thanks to Shree Hospital for their commendable service.
Padmini RamaswamyPadmini Ramaswamy
10:10 06 Jun 24
I have undergone treatment for sciatica problem for 15 days. As I am handicapped, Dr.SriKrishna was kind enough to come home for assessment and consultation. He understood my condition and complaints and arranged for therapy at home. The lady therapist Ashtalakshmi came home everyday for two weeks, even forgoing her weekly off day. She was very efficient, polite and friendly. I benefitted from the kativasti treatment and the matravasti and kashayavasti. There is quite a lot of improvement, though a little low back pain bothers me now and then. I was surprised when Dr.Sri Krishna called me after the treatment to find out how I was progressing. I am appreciative of his care and concern for the patients. He clarifies all my doubts promptly on WhatsApp and advised me on dos and don’t s. With his suggestions and the medicines prescribed by him I hope to become normal soon . I intend to come back and give 5 stars once I recover completely.Thank you Dr.Srikrishna and Ms.Ashtalakshmi for all the help .I would also like to thank the administrative staff for being courteous and ever ready to help.Shree Ayurvedic hospital, please keep up the good work!👏👏I h
Prasanna BPrasanna B
05:00 01 Nov 22
When it comes to ayurveda in Chennai, Shree Ayurvedic hospital has all ayurvedic facilities under one roof. Good response and care from hospital staffs.I consulted  Dr. Uday Kiran in this hospital for urological issues. He is a humble person, with experience in ayurvedic surgeries. He is one of the very few Ayurvedic surgeons in Chennai treating ano-rectal and Urological issues. He listens patiently and is ready to answer all our questions. Even if we ask any questions over phone Or whatsApp, he will answer. Many thanks to him.
Rehan BegumRehan Begum
07:50 10 Jul 22
I had BP problem for 15 yrs when I came to know about shree ayurvedic hospital. I was taking English medicins from 15 yrs. DR Krishna sir helped me and after taking ayurvedic medicine my BP came to normal.according to me this hospital is the best hospital in india.and I'm so happy.
Mrs.Prasanna SundaramMrs.Prasanna Sundaram
10:39 16 Jun 22
Dr.Srikrishna is a very nice doctor and a thorough professional, he cares for his patients and their needs a lot. Recently when I had a health issue, I contacted him over the phone and he prescribed some medicines and I was completely cured of my infection within a short span of time, Thank you so much Dr for the care and attention.
Very much benefitted by Vaidya Srikrishna. He just made me feel as if I'm talking to my son. Felt so emotional by the way he was hearing our problems patiently and giving solutions. He always says "onnume problem illa. You will be alrite soon". That assurance gave me lot of confidence to cope up with my knee and shoulder issues. I'm a very happy and positive client of Vaidya Srikrishna. God bless you.Rajalakshmi Seetharaman
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