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Brahmi Tailam-200ml


Stimulate Memory and Concentration


  • Brahmi Tailam is a herbal oil that has treated various mental health conditions such as lack of sleep, stress and poor memory
  • It is made using the Brahmi herb
  • It stimulates mental activity and assists with memory recall and concentration


Brahmi Tailam-200ml

Stimulate Memory and Concentration

Brahmi Tailam is a herbal oil that has been used in Ayurveda for years to treat various mental health conditions such as lack of sleep, stress and poor memory. It is made using the Brahmi herb, which is known to stimulate mental activity and assist with memory recall and concentration. 

External Application only

Please Check with your Ayurvedic Physician for the right combination Oil for the best results in a short time

Key Ingredients - Brahmi Tailam-200ml


Sesame seeds are tiny but mighty. These little guys have been used for thousands of years to treat a variety of health problems, including diabetes, high cholesterol and asthma. In this guide, we will look at the sesame oil benefits against diabetes and discuss what scientific research says about the numerous health uses of this ancient seed.


Ushira is the best possible Ayurvedic medicine to treat thyroid, kidney and urinary tract disorders. It even helps in reducing fever quickly. Its anti-inflammatory properties help in treating arthritis pain. It balances Vata and pitta dosha by pacifying Kapha dosha.

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Prasanna BPrasanna B
05:00 01 Nov 22
When it comes to ayurveda in Chennai, Shree Ayurvedic hospital has all ayurvedic facilities under one roof. Good response and care from hospital staffs.I consulted  Dr. Uday Kiran in this hospital for urological issues. He is a humble person, with experience in ayurvedic surgeries. He is one of the very few Ayurvedic surgeons in Chennai treating ano-rectal and Urological issues. He listens patiently and is ready to answer all our questions. Even if we ask any questions over phone Or whatsApp, he will answer. Many thanks to him.
Rehan BegumRehan Begum
07:50 10 Jul 22
I had BP problem for 15 yrs when I came to know about shree ayurvedic hospital. I was taking English medicins from 15 yrs. DR Krishna sir helped me and after taking ayurvedic medicine my BP came to normal.according to me this hospital is the best hospital in india.and I'm so happy.
Mrs.Prasanna SundaramMrs.Prasanna Sundaram
10:39 16 Jun 22
Dr.Srikrishna is a very nice doctor and a thorough professional, he cares for his patients and their needs a lot. Recently when I had a health issue, I contacted him over the phone and he prescribed some medicines and I was completely cured of my infection within a short span of time, Thank you so much Dr for the care and attention.
Very much benefitted by Vaidya Srikrishna. He just made me feel as if I'm talking to my son. Felt so emotional by the way he was hearing our problems patiently and giving solutions. He always says "onnume problem illa. You will be alrite soon". That assurance gave me lot of confidence to cope up with my knee and shoulder issues. I'm a very happy and positive client of Vaidya Srikrishna. God bless you.Rajalakshmi Seetharaman

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Weight .350 kg
Dimensions 8 × 7 × 18 cm


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