Ayurvedic Immunisation Program

Suvarnaprashan is a unique ayurvedic immunisation programme for children upto 16 years. The medication is prepared out of Swarna Bhasma, ayurvedic immunity enhancers, memory stimulators & brain tonic. This is administered on the day of Pushya nakshatra every month, as the efficacy of this drops is known to be hightest on this day. This is given to children from time of birth till the age of 16.

Shree Ayurveda further takes it to the next level wherein it has customised formulation for different age groups like 0-5 years, 6-10 years, 11-16 years. According to the needs of the body and mind at those particular ages.

A continuous effort from your end month on month would change the course of your child's immunity and all this at very very affordable pricing ranging between ₹250 to ₹300 rupees.

Make a decision now & secure your child's future.

Why Join Swarnaprashana

Area of Improvement

Age Area of improvement
0-5 Years
6-10 Years
10-16 Years


The right proportion of herbs with a base of Honey  & ghee. The primary ingredient being Swarna bhasma which is medical Gold oxide prepared purely as mentioned in the texts of Ayurveda.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of Swarna prashana for kids?

Suvarna prashan increases immunity power and develops resistance against common infections, thus prevents children from falling ill very often. 2. It builds physical strength, body growth (height, weight) in children and enhances physical activities, and also improves stamina for the same

  • Why is Suvarnaprashan given in pushya nakshatra?

The day Pushya Nakshatra falls is considered highly auspicious for beginning of Suvarnaprashana drops. Administrating drugs on this day seem very effective in terms of action.

  • Can Suvarnaprashan be given daily?

Suvarnaprashan is given to children in morning daily/ on every pushya nakshatra for at least one year for excellent results. Suvarna prashan benefits : Suvarna prashan increases immunity power and develops resistance against common infections, thus prevents children from falling ill very often.

  • Dosage of Swarna prashana

1 to 5 years : 10ml every pushya nakshatra.

6 to 10 years : 10ml every pushya nakshatra.

11 to 16 years : 10ml every pushya nakshatra.

  • What are the benefits of giving gold to babies?

Administering swarna bhasma or processed gold oxide in very minute quantities in children is known to boost the disease-fighting capacity in children. It is also known to prevent frequent recurrent infections, asthma and other allergic conditions. It also helps improve memory, attention span, concentration and learning ability.

  • Is Swarna Bhasma safe for kids?

There are lot of myths associated with Swarna bhasma that because of its metallic nature it should not be administered to the children which is not true. Swarna bhasma has the property of nano particles so it can reach the smallest tissue of the body and balance the Doshas.

  • When should I start Swarnaprashan?

From the time of birth to 16 years, the classics recommend the practice of Swarnaprashana. It is beneficial to give it every day for at least six months from the time of birth. We offer two types of Swarnaprashana. Swarnaprashana on Pushya Nakshatra : On the Pushya Nakshatra days, it is once in approximately 28 days

  • Astrological significance of pushya nakshatra?
  • Pushya Nakshatra is ruled by the planet Saturn (Shani) and is represented by the deity Brihaspati, who is the guru of the gods. Blessed by the Gods, Pushya Nakshatra is ruled by Jupiter, and its Lord is Saturn. The Rashi Lord of this constellation is Moon, as it belongs to Cancer sign.

  • What is Suvarnaprashan made of?

Suvarna Prashan is made using Swarna Bhasma (gold ash) mixed with honey and cow ghee containing herbal extracts like Vacha, Brahmi, Shankupushpi, all of which show strong immune boosting properties.

  • In addition to Suvarnaprashan is there something for Kids on daily basis?

Balaprasha syrup a combination of dry fruits and a time tested product in the market for over the last 125 years is ideally to be consumed on a daily basis


New born to 3 Months : 6 drops every day, 4 Months to 12 Months : 5ml every day,

1 to 5 years : 10 ml every day. 6 to 10 years : 15 ml every day 11 to 16 years : 20 ml every day

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